I have been creating art ever since I can remember and most likely starting in my crib. I have painted, drawn, illustrated, sculpted, and generally done anything that pertains to art. I have had several shows of my work (paintings/illustrations) and some of my paintings are in various private collections in the US. I have also had my illustrations published in IEEE, WorldLink Magazine and several How-To books.

In 2003, I illustrated my first book with my mother called "Today I sat". It was so much fun, that I decided to try writing and illustrating a book myself.

"Lucy" was my very first book. Then I started a "Lucy" series and then kept writing and illustrating. Now I have written and illustrated over 40 books, and I haven't stopped yet.

I have won several awards including the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, The Reviewer's Choice Award, and the Family Choice Award. Check out the publicity and awards links for link for more awards, press releases, and other news. Enjoy!

Amazon Publishing (an Amazon.com company) is a wonderful publishing company that has published all of my books for me. Some books are typeset in a font called "Lucy" created by me and produced by The Galapagos Design Group. I have also created many of the other fonts on my own.

So browse this site, buy some books, and enjoy these books forever. Some books include cutouts to color and create your own stories. You can buy these books from www.amazon.com. The books are for kids of any age.

And last but not least, I live on the North Shore in Massachusetts, with my three rescue tuxedo cats, Dominic, Vinney, and Negri, who are the loves of my life (even though I am not a cat person!). They are very helpful with chewing erasers, walking across my new paintings, and generally getting in to trouble! They make me laugh and bring me joy every single day.